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"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 1, 2018
Sarah Morgan is most strong, inspirational, awesome woman of god that I have ever seen!! Very powerful woman threw Christ STAY BLESSED ????
Jacqueline L. Post
February 12, 2018
Grace and peace be unto you Pastor Morgan I just came across your website on word of restoration upcoming events and I would really like to participate in your ministry I'm here in Houston Texas whenever upcoming events occur I'm really going to attend the prayer Academy because I think it's awesome and it's wonderful and you're doing this so God bless you and keep doing the mighty working the kingdom for the Lord
Gwenez D. Post
January 2, 2018
Nothing missing, Nothing broken!
We have experienced three major transitions within our home during the last months of 2017. As the head of my house (for now) it was difficult for me to get my footing. I needed to add fasting to my prayer life but it had been difficult. I needed someone to pray for me continually and speak into my life. Thank you very much to Prophet and Pastor Sarah Morgan, Apostle Stephen Garner, Apostle Nathaniel Leon, and the other Prayer Warriors on the call every morning. Through the corporate fasting and prayer we have regained order in our lives and our home. We have received the prophecy that has gone forth and I declare that we will fulfill our destiny's and our purpose. We are using the "keys" to make wealth and I will maintain a posterity in the earth. My heavenly Father even laid it on someone's heart to furnish our home so that when we walk in, there is no view of anything missing. He laid it on someone else's heart to fix the major equipment in our home that was broken. Nothing missing, Nothing broken. The favor of God is greater than money in my hand. Thank you
Georgia S. Post
December 30, 2017
Greetings pastor Sarah Morgan, Thankyou for the unconditional love you have given Elohim's children;Because you obeyed God, my life has forever been altered; the fire of God burns with fierce down in my soul and has restored my life in him. You are truly a blessing and a treasure to the kingdom of God. Thankyou for your willingness and obedience to walk as His light. Shalom in the mighty name of Jesus Christ son of the true living God.
Bishop G. Post
December 23, 2017
Oh what an amazing and explosive 21 days! Thank you, Prophetess Morgan, for your due diligence in ministry. This prayer-fast will always be remembered in my heart. My challenges are futile, my assignment in God is launched with grace power sufficiency! I bless you in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST; Son of the Living God!
Megan M. Post
December 21, 2017
This was an awesome 21 day experience. Thanks Pastor Morghan
Sharon B. Post
December 21, 2017
Thank you Pastor Sarah Morgan
My life has been eternally enriched through your teaching and sharing in on the 21 day fast.
I see breakthroughs & hear the abundance of rain.
Glory to God
Lindy J. Post
October 10, 2017
Pastor Sarah Morgan you are by far one of the best prophetic teachers I have encountered in awhile. Your message on at the Supernatural Acceleration Conference has ignited my spirit and now I understanding why I was awakened at 3 am every morning. I must get your prayer books. I thought I was praying until I heard a different level of prayer from you. God Bless you servant of God. Lindy Jones
Kimberly W. Post
April 14, 2017
Thank you Pastor Sarah Morgan for your love, your insightfulness,your teaching and in depth prayer and training!!! Your ministry is Transformational I'm forever grateful I thank Christ Jesus for your Godly wisdom and how you have impact my life Moma Morgan!! You have inspired me through Jesus all the way from California to Chicago metro in a incredible way!! I want to know do you have a mentor program and how can I contact you for mentorship and booking you Respectfully Kimberly Williams member of Crusaders Chicago....
Catherine O. Post
March 18, 2017
Thank you Pastor Sarah Morgan for making an impact in my life. I first heard about your ministry from Pastor Chuzzy's Command Your Day Program, when he announced you will be coming to Glory house to minister. Since then I have been following you on Periscope and women of vision website, and my prayer life has been transforming, but I want to be a prayer partner and even attend your prayer academy. I also want to sow a seed of prayer intersession and healing on this ministry. I have been playing the archived videos and also joined live on Periscope. More so, we share the same birthday, this makes you more unique to me and I love your ZEAL for Jesus, mighty woman of God.
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