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Confessing the Proverbs
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Confessing the Proverbs is a resource tool for daily positive confession. There's a formula for confession that can help you to live your best life. A law is simply a principle, based on a predictable consequence of an act. "Confession” in Greek is "homo-logeo,” which means to say what has been said. There is a law for confession. You just say what God has said.

Speak the Word, speak the Word, speak the Word, you just speak the Word. The more you say God's Word, the more you will believe it, and the more you believe it, the more you will say it. This means that we feed on the words we speak. What we say comes back to affect our own heart and our own spiritual condition. As you understand the principle and apply the law, watch your daily life be invaded with wisdom and prosperity that can only come of God! 
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