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The Faith Factor Book
Sarah Morgan - (SKU#: RSM-BK09-40345)

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This is a must-read for serious students of the Word. We know that faith is the capacity of the human heart. In principle, faith involves confidence of conviction and firmness of assurance; and it eventually determines a man’s condition and destiny. There are many different kinds of faith that you can activate and make a part of your victorious life as a believer including:

• Comprehending Faith

Atoning Faith

Rewarding Faith (Enoch)

Working Faith (Noah)

Obedient Faith (Abraham)

Impossible Faith (Sarah)

and so much more.....

Take the time to read and glean from this study manual. Your faith will cause you to experience God in new dimensions as you actively engage with who He is. For a more comprehensive and rewarding time of study, I recommend that you compliment this book with the Audio CD set called The Faith Factor (order online at May your name be added to the great Hall of Faith as one of His great honorees that walked by Faith.

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