By Sarah Morgan
Declaring the Psalms is a reference tool that explains the origin and purpose of THE BOOK OF PSALMS. We learn that the writer of each psalm contributes a special expression to God in different areas pertaining to Faith, including: Prayer, Petition, Praise, Devotion, Meditation, Instruction and Liturgy. As we understand the rule of declaring the Word of God, we can use the Psalms in prayer as our own expression. In this book, the 150 Psalms are positioned as Declarations of Faith. [MORE]
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Intercession by Pattern

God used the tabernacle to illustrate a pattern as to how we as believers should enter His presence. The tabernacle, its elements, and the priestly ga...[MORE]

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Closure Prayers

6 CD's - 5AM PRAYER SESSIONS with Pastor Morgan. Healing Prayer, Prayer for Heart Conditions, Prayer for New Beginnings, Prayer of Repentance, Prayer ...[MORE]

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The Faith Factor Book

NEW RELEASE 2013. This is a must-read for serious students of the Word. We know that faith is the capacity of the human heart. In principle, faith inv...[MORE]

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You Shall Decree A Thing

You Shall Decree A Thing is an instructional guide to operating in your God-given authority to decree and declare. As we desire this authority in the Spirit realm, there are many prerequisites that we must first understand. Many believers today are attempting to exercise the prayer dimension of decreeing and declaring, with little or no results. As we study the Word of God critically, we see that most of God's promises have conditions attached, which must be fulfilled. [MORE]

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