By Pastor Sarah Morgan
14 CD's of teaching of the depths of Faith, and the kind of Faith you can possess, like you've never heard it before!...[MORE]
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Declaring the Psalms

Declaring the Psalms is a reference tool that explains the origin and purpose of THE BOOK OF PSALMS. We learn that the writer of each psalm contributes a special expression to God in different areas pertaining to Faith, including: Prayer, Petition, Praise, Devotion, Meditation, Instruction and Liturgy. As we understand the rule of declaring the Word of God, we can use the Psalms in prayer as our own expression. In this book, the 150 Psalms are positioned as Declarations of Faith. [MORE]

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Raising the Altar of Prayer

6 CDs - Teaching An altar is a place of sacrifice. It is a meeting place with God. The altar is [MORE]

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Intercession by Pattern

God used the tabernacle to illustrate a pattern as to how we as believers should enter His presence. The tabernacle, its elements, and the priestly ga...[MORE]

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Confessing the Proverbs

Confessing the Proverbs is a resource tool for daily positive confession. There's a formula for confession that can help you to live your best life. A...[MORE]

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